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Andreas Simonett was working for 12 years- until April 1997- for the Calanda Haldengut Getränke AG (today Heineken Switzerland) in a leading function as a member of the senior management and as the head of distribution and sales/marketing.

Parallel to this, he continually pursued his education and gained the Swiss diplomas as Sales Manager and Marketing Manager.

In his function as head of distribution and sales/marketing, he was in particular responsible for the creation and implementation of the marketing measures, the integration of Heineken into the organisation Calanda Haldengut, the design and implementation of a new distribution and depositary network for the whole of Switzerland as well as the drawing up and negotiating of co-operation contracts. In his responsibilty were also 100 self-owned and rented restaurants.

With this great wealth of experience in the consumer goods industry, Andreas Simonett founded his company Simonett & Partners (consulting for distribution, gastronomy and location management) in April 1997. As a co-owner and member of the board of various companies, he has a profound knowledge regarding what it means and takes to be successful as an entrepreneur.